9 Reasons You Need To Start a Blog

We are now living in the digital era where everything is done practically virtually. Having an online presence will definitely put you at the forefront regardless of what you are doing. A website and online shop itself is enough in replacing a brick and mortar business today.

But let’s talk on things you can relate better, things like starting a blog or website. You may thought of starting one before but may have held back because of multiple reasons. Can’t write? No idea what to write? No motivation? Whatever it is, here are a few reasons to make you rethink of starting a blog or website.

1. Blog allows you to share your experiences

The crazy things about your own blog is that it belongs to you. Hence, you can literally share anything you want. Most blog out there started out with the initial goal of sharing their experiences. Like how Normadic Matt started his travel site solely to share his travel experiences. Look at how big it has grown.

How many times have you experience something amazing only to forget most of it. With a blog, it does not only serve as a personal journal to relieve past memories but a place to share it with others. Time flies and years down the road, you will want to look back at all the old memories you have experienced and your blog will be a good place to start.

That is the exact thing I want from my blog which motivates me to launch my own blog. I want to have a platform to share interesting things I have experienced. A place where I am able to look back. Though you can easily do this on your personal diary but putting it in a blog allow you to share it with others as well.

2. You learn something new

Blogging allows you to learn something amazing and different every day. You will learn a little on basic website set up (hosting, domain, and etc.). You will learn a little on digital marketing when it comes to marketing your site to the potential readers. Not only that, you will also learn to write. The learning is endless and the amazing part is you learn while building your brand.

By the end of the day, you will look back and realize how much you have learned along the way and you might even find a new passion from it. If you have been on the net long enough, you would have probably seen tons of bloggers sharing how they quit their job and ended up becoming a freelancer providing service such as digital marketing and web design.

3. You will meet new people

Having your own site allows you to meet and network more effectively which is something I notice when I was travelling. Most of the long-term travelers have a site to share their travel journey. That has allow them to connect with other travelers effectively even after they part ways where they constantly stay in touch through each other’s blog.

Say you are starting a food blog. The blog will most likely attract readers interested in food and other food bloggers. Through that, you are able to gain connection with people in your niche. This will be people you had never met before but you will helped each other understand and learn.

4. Job Prospect

You no longer walk up submitting your resume to a company physically. With platform like LinkedIn, job search is done online. Having a site will helps build your credibility. If you are a marketer looking for a job in the digital marketing field, your blog will serve as a portfolio.

If you are in a non creative field and professional field like financial field. Sharing your thoughts and knowledge on finance will definitely impress your employer. Here is one by a href=”http://www.nina4airbnb.com/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>girl who apply for airbnb which went viral years ago.

5. It helps in developing habits

Blogging will probably be something you do on the side. Blogging requires discipline and consistency. Those are all good things to embrace. Since i have started out my blog, I kick-start my day around 4.30am every morning. I develop a a habit of working on my blog every morning, go for a jog and plan my day all before 8am. It makes my day so much more productive before heading out to work.

I was inspired by this book written by Hal Elrod called The Miracle Morning. Having said that, there are many other ways to achieve that but blogging can be a good avenue to practice it.

6. You will look at things in a meaningful way

Creating a blog is not just spilling everything out in your daily life. You need to filter through things you have experienced to find things which is worth sharing. It is truly a never ending process of finding meaningful events and important thoughts. In other words, it actually allow you to document your life in a much more empowering way. Something which you can look back and reflect years to come.

At the end of the day, you will look back and appreciate the tiny little things you experienced.

7. It’s cheap to start a blog

You can literally start your own blog without spending a dime. Platform like WordPress or blogspost allows you start out for free. But of course, you do not get your own domain name and there is a lot of restrictions. Click here to read if you should self host or free host. Which is why I would recommend you to spend a small sum to get your own domain. It is really cheap. I wrote a free guide on how you can set it up yourself. In the long run, you will be glad that you have your own site under your own name.

8. You have a place to recommend products

As a consumer, we love shopping and trying out new things. Sometimes we might stumble upon something we enjoy- may it be an awesome restaurant, a good book, or even a new product you try. Having a blog gives you the opportunity to share the joy with others while earning some income on the side. Yes, you can actually earn some money referring people to certain products.

9. You will make some money blogging

Yes, that is not a typo. You can actually earn money blogging. You don’t need to be the next Facebook, Alibaba or Amazon to earn online. There are thousands of people doing that already just blogging what they are passionate about. I used to wonder how blogs sustain but you will be surprised how much they earn. The funny thing is, most blogs started out solely to share their experiences and knowledge. The money was something that come along as a result of their blog.

Whether you are earning $10/month or $20,000/month, it’s good to have something you work on the side for fun and actually earn you money. There are many ways marketer and bloggers earn money through their blogs. But the common one are:

  • Advertisement (Google Adsense, advertising on their blogs)
  • Affiliate Income. (Promote a product and earn referral fees)
  • Create a product and sell on the site (online course, ebooks, and etc.)
  • Drop-shipping
  • Website to promote their freelance services

There you go! 9 reasons why you should start a blog. It is relatively easy to begin with and you can do it yourself. If you are interested in starting your own site or knowing more, I have a free insider toolkit just for you. Be sure to sign up for it below. It’s free!

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