April 2017 Blog Report: How will this blog grow with only 1,960 views

I have been reading tons of blog report and income report lately and decided to start one. Not because of the hype but to keep myself accountable and to share what works and what does not. This is not the first blog/website I have started. I have been experimenting with different niche site in the past but due to the lack of passion and motivation to blog about things I am not really interested in, I stopped pursuing it. It gets pretty tiring to write something I am not interested in, publishing it and having nobody reading it.

It is pretty normal to have low amount of traffic on the first few months blogging. But there is a difference between blogging something you care about and something you generally not passionate on. Which brings me to my current site. I started this blog around the end of January 2017. I have always wanted to launch a personal site a few years back but the lack of action delayed till early this year.

But unlike the other niche site I previously started, this site is an avenue for me to document and share my journey in creating something amazing out of my life. Though it may not be a niche site, I believe writing something you are genuinely interested in outweighs blogging on things you are not really passionate about.

It has been 3 months since I have started my journey blogging. Blogging is so much more than just writing and publishing. Getting your content notice is still every bloggers major challenge. It is not as easy as it seems with so much to learn.

The best part is, you learn through the process. Every bloggers goal is to be able to eventually monetize their blog. But as my blog is still new, I will instead focus on building traffic. I was inspired by Grow from a Seed’s blog updates which brings me to this blog updates.

Blog Traffic Update

I am not expecting the blog traffic to grow as fast compared to other blogs as I am spending very little time on the blog. Usually over the weekends and early in the morning on the weekdays before heading out to work- but there are days where I procrastinate and sleep through the morning.

What I have been doing the first 3 months is mainly tweaking my site and setting everything up. It started out with an a simple about page and now 3 months later, everything is up. I didn’t do much on promotion. Just creating content and publishing it.

Most of my current traffic come from facebook through sharing on my facebook page and personal profile. From google analytics, I notice a slight spike in traffic every time a new post is shared. Other than that, the traffic is low. Here is the stats over the last 3 months:

The following is a weekly view. Most of the traffic comes from facebook. As the blog is still new, I am not focusing on organic google search for now as it takes months before google will be able to detect your page. And as my blog is not a niche blog, it will be hard to rank on google.

There is a huge spike in March as that is my very first time sharing my blog on facebook so generally people are interested. Thus, the huge spike! This is the very post I have shared on facebook: My couchsurfing experience in Indonesia and Thailand

Social Network Updates

Google organic search will be a plus if my page happens to rank but as my page is not a niche site, I foresee it to be a challenge to rank on google. If it does, it will be a plus. At the moment, I will be focusing on content creation as well as social networking.

But there are so many platform out there. I have been reading lots of blogs and different blog have different perspective on the best platform. My approach is to experiment on each platform. In the past 3 months, I was working on building up my facebook page as well as Instagram. Okay, not so much on instagram.

Here is my current social media stats:


Faebook page likes: 198 likes (Goal for May: 220)

Facebook was my primary traffic source in the past 3 months. Page engagement is low. I only post every time a new article is published. Which means once a week. Other than that nothing much. Most of the likes comes from my existing friends and family in which I have invited them to like the page. I have also joined several blogging group and obtain tons of likes from that platform.

I tried using facebook ads but still struggle in targeting the right people. It is not as easy as it seems. I do not foresee myself using facebook ads for the meantime till I figure out the ins and out of it.


Instagram followers: 46 followers (Goal for May: 60)

I created my instagram account early February but as I would want to focus on building up my site and facebook engagement, I stopped working on it. The 46 followers is mainly friends as well followers from connecting other blogs I have commented. As I am currently not traveling, I am still thinking on ideas to post. Any ideas?

Those are the two platform I was working on in the last 3 months. Not really impressive but advice from other blogs would be to focus on building on my network. Having content itself is not enough.

Key Takeaway

  • Creating content itself is not enough when it comes to blogging. There are millions of blogs out there and unless you are a very well established site, nobody will notice your site. Thus, building connection with other bloggers is key. Something I have not been doing.
  • Social networking is vital in building up your blog. The biggest mistake I did throughout the past 3 months is not consistent in my social page engagement. Our blog is new and the only way to let people notice it is through networking. I will be looking into a more consistent presence on social platform. So do follow me on instagram and facebook.
  • Passion outweighs everything else. This is my 2nd blog I have started and there is a huge difference between blogging something you are passionate about and something you are not.

Upcoming Focus & Goal for May

I am looking into updating this blog report every 2 months. I want this post to keep me on track on growing my blog. Also a place to share what is working and what is not.

  • Building up my social network. As I have not been working on my social network engagement, I want to build on up on social network. I will be posting more consistently on my facebook page as well as Instagram. I will be updating more on the approach in my upcoming post. Goals as updated above.
  • Work on Pinterest. I heard great things from other blogs on Pinterest driving lots of traffic. This is something I would want to work on. Do follow me on Pinterest. I have no clue how it works as this is my very first time using it. For now, I will be focusing on learning the ins and out of it as well as joining group on Pinterest.
  • Engaging other blogs. To engage and create meaningful connection with other bloggers on both blogs and social network.
  • Creating quality content. I am aiming to publish 1 new post each week so I will to work on creating content during the weekends. Will try to work on publishing more post each week in the future, but will be focusing on social engagement for now.

Till next time

This is my very first time sharing on my blog updates. Let me know what you would want to see in my upcoming sharing. In the meantime, check out the following blog posts:

Starting out this blog is one of the greatest decision made. It is definitely tough as there is so much to learn but the amazing part is you learn while you grow it. You might take longer than other blog in terms of growing. It doesn’t matter as this is your own race. At the end of the day, it is something you should be proud of.

Blogging is really a good way to make money on the side. You never know what it will grow into so I would really encourage you to start blogging. And if you happen to be interested, I would recommend using hostgator for hosting.

I previously hosted my old site with hostgator and their level of service is exceptionally good. My current blog is hosted under a local host recommend by a friend but it is not as user friendly as hostgator- will be switching back to hostgator after a year. So i highly recommend hostgator. You can start your own blog with this free guide or start immediately using my link to sign up with hostgator where you will get 40% off and domain at only $4.99. (Coupon code: INTERESTING60).

Like this post? Feel free to share and pin this. Let me know what you think by commenting below. Would really love to hear from you.

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    • May 9, 2017 at 1:31 pm

      Thank You Rupam. I am glad it inspire you. You are doing great yourself with your food blog. Will be following your blog progress as well. Cheers.


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