Crazy gig on Fiverr that will make you rethink the work you are doing

If you have been on the freelance market long enough, you might have heard of platform such as or These platforms allows digital nomads, businesses and entrepreneurs to outsource certain services such as video editing, social media management and etc. to freelancers instead of managing it themselves. You too can be part of it and start your very own freelance business. But one particular platform you need to check out is Fiverr.

Similar to the other platforms out there, Fiverr is one of that caught my attention which you should too. All services are provided at the starting rate of USD5 which is really cheap but of course for the most basic gig. They recently change their price point though so not all gig begins at USD5 but still Fiverr is one of the cheapest place to get things done.

Despite being a service platform,one unique part of Fiverr is you can literally find everything there. LITERALLY EVERYTHING and people actually pay for it. It shows that there is literally market for everything. Things you may not find amusing might be of value to others. So keep hustling. You might find the next big thing. Don’t believe me? Continue reading below.

1.Prank calling anyone, anytime and of anything you choose.

Looking for a prankster to prank your friend? This particular gig on Fiverr by misterwonderful offers just what you need. I did not even know that people actually pay for pranks till today. The crazy thing is that he got over 400 plus reviews with a 4.9 rating. So i guess he must be really good.

2. Make your crush go crazy over you

Have a crush but no idea what to do. This might be your solution. From a general understanding, this person claims to possess a unique ability to project telepathic messages into the minds of people. So you basically pay for the provider to message your crush in which they then fall for you? I hope it works. At least it did to a number of the customers which have left a 4.9 reviews on average.

I don’t know. I won’t actually try this. But i find it rather amusing that there is a market for this. And here I am still not knowing what I am doing with my life. Would you try this?

3. Psychic reading in 24 hours

I am not very sure what this is but this gig has over 2.6k+ reviews with an average rating of 4.9.  I might actually try this with the amount of good respond it is getting. Apparently this is a pretty reputable person. I am not promoting anything, just find it amusing. But if you so happen to try it, do let me know as I am really curious on what this is all about.

4. Popping balloons for USD5?

I am honestly rethinking my career right now. This gig on Fiverr which offers to pop balloons while filming it for you for USD5. Guess what, it comes in different colors too. I know i would be happy to pop balloons for free when i was young. But now, people actually get paid for this. Wow!

Don’t tell me you do not find this amusing. I thought it was weird but hey, that is pure business, ‘willing buyer and willing seller’.

5. Animal whisperer in the house

For only USD5, you can now talk to your cats. This gig will help you communicate 3 questions with your animals. Just when i thought learning a new language is an important skill. Perhaps i should learn how to communicate with animals too. Ever wonder what is your pet’s favorite food? Now you can find out. Meow?

I find this rather amusing. The number of satisfied customers really shows that this is something people actually value.

6. Singing you a birthday song

If you think you have gotten the best birthday wish in the world, think again. You have not gotten a birthday song dedicated to you specially from the jungle. This might be one of the interesting thing i have seen on Fiverr. This proves that if you hustle hard enough, you can really make money from every aspect.

I think this is pretty interesting. Definitely a creative way to earn some side income. I thought it was pretty weird that people would actually pay for this. But it is actually very entertaining. Go check out the video on their page.

7. Sending a message by a pirate

Probably going to be a wonderful marketing video which is able to be utilized by business. This gig will help you convey a message dress as a pirate. Like seriously, people actually buy that? Err yeah, apparently people do buy that gig. I don’t blame them. Watching the video itself got me tempted to click the order button.

This is straight up creative. I have been looking for a few skills which I can eventually monetize it. Was thinking about things like social media management or web design. But wow, this gig makes me realize that creativity is really all you need when it comes to monetizing something. This may look pretty weird but they are providing value to the end user which is why it is on high demand.

8. Gig for the lonely ones

Are you tired of being alone and having no friend to text? Worry no more cause now you can actually pay to get people to text you. Okay that is weird. It’s like paying for someone to be your friend. This bring loneliness to another level. Not sure how that works but it is listed on Fiverr. Again, where there is a willing buyer and willing seller, it is a business.

So the next time you are working hard, remember that there are people offering these gigs and actually earning an income from it. The point of this entire post is to share some crazy gig I have found on Fiverr and also to share that there are literally thousands of ways to start something, so keep hustling.

If someone can think about singing a birthday song while dancing to it and actually getting paid for it, I am sure you will think of something huge. On a serious note, Fiverr is not just about crazy gigs. There are serious gigs such as web design, logo design, marketing, transcription, virtual assistant and many more as well. One of the cheapest place to get the service done on the net. So do go check Fiverr out.

From the list above, which gig would you find most interesting? Share with me at the comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Crazy gig on Fiverr that will make you rethink the work you are doing

  • June 4, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    This is so crazy! I could totally be into being someone text friend for some extra cash. Maybe get an AIM screen name and make some easy money!

    • June 6, 2017 at 4:05 am

      Exactly what i thought. Perhaps you should try it and see if it works for you. 😀 I would totally try out the happy birthday dance.



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