The fidget cube everyone is going crazy over.

One of the coolest and awesome thing I have stumbled upon this month is the fidget cube. Simple invention yet interesting enough to catch my attention. We fidget most of the time when we are nervous, stress and excited. If you are wondering if you fidget, think of the last time you click your pen, spin it, or shake your legs. But with the latest fidget cube, you can now fidget with style yet not irritating others.

Introducing the fidget cube.

Similar to a dice, it has 6 sides with different fidgeting style on each side. Small enough to slip it into your pocket and bring it along wherever you go.

It was originally founded by Antsy lab where they launch a campaign on kickstarter with more than USD6mil funded to date.

Check out the video below to see what this cube is all about.


The original version by Antsylab have the following feature in place. Each side allows you to fidget differently. Breathe where the sides are smooth, roll where a ball will be in place allowing you to roll it, click where there is a clicker which replace the conventional pen clicking. Not only that, there are also the gliding side, spinning side and flipping side.

The price of the fidget cube is USD 22 if you buy it from Antsy Lab but with latest technology and thanks to the power of internet. There have been a number of replica of fidget cube that is created at a fraction of the cost.

The cheaper (not originally from Antsy version) has the same feature as well but it may differ accordingly. Some feature may remain in place but there are some cubes where the fidgeting style may differ. But do not worry, it still serve the same purpose. Some may find it better. Thanks to the power of competition, people tend to innovate and sometimes may result in a better cube. And at a fraction of the cost.

So if you are okay with a cheaper option, here are a few alternatives of fidget cube that you can look into.


Cube from Amazon

The cube costs only $6.43 instead of $22. The only thing you need to be aware of is the fact that the cube is not originally from Antsy lab. There are both good and bad reviews on the product.






Cube From Ali Express

This cube from Ali Express cost slightly more compare to the one from Amazon. They have a better record of good quality cube. Nevertheless, it is still cheaper than the original one.





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