Niche Site: I will be starting a niche site from scratch. Follow my Journey!

I will be starting a niche site! If you have not heard of a niche site. It is basically a website that focused on a small target market on a specific topic. Like how Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income started his Niche Site on Security Guard Training. It has been on the first page of google for years now. A niche site is a site where people create to bring value to a certain target market and ultimately leveraged on that to monetize it.

If you were to look at Interestingly Awesome, it is clear that this is not a niche site as I blog about anything from travels, blogging and etc.

It has been a goal to start a niche site myself and that is what I am planning to do this year. Obviously, I have no knowledge of all this SEO, keyword research, marketing and etc. I may succeed or fail!! Nevertheless, there will always be a huge learning along the way.

Over the next few months, I will be documenting my entire process from the start until the end. From sourcing my potential niche till the phase where I monetized it.

Why Am I Documenting This?

I have been thinking about starting a niche site for years and in fact, I did try once but I ended up giving up. I have spent a huge amount of time on it and it took me a few years to decide that I should start again. Documenting this process and journey openly help keep me accountable on my goals.

If I decide to not document this down, I would wake up one morning feeling lazy and just not do anything about it. Now that I openly declare my intent, there will be more reason for me to be disciplined. But most importantly, share my learning and process openly.

So if you are interested, do follow along on my journey. I will try to post updates monthly and probably more frequently. The niche site would probably grow at a slower rate as I have a busy day job and will try to squeeze some time out over the weekends.

The Strategy for this niche site

To be honest, I have no specific strategy thought out yet. I just thought of the niche site idea last night, woke up this morning, had a quick workout and head over to a nearby Starbucks Outlet and here I am writing this exact post.

Till now, I have no idea what niche I want to work on. Completely no idea! I do not know what strategy works but I do read a lot of other case studies.

Here’s what I would be doing:

  1. Finding a potential niche
  2. Build my site
  3. Create lots of content
  4. Get Traffic
  5. Monetize the website

I do not know how long it will take especially with my busy schedule but let’s see. My strategy would be to create as much content as I can to potentially rank on the search engine to gain traffic. Of course, this would take some time for Google to pick up. And for that to happen, I need to ensure that the niche I choose is not too competitive. The thing is I do not know how SEO works and how hard is it to rank a keyword. Throughout my blogging on this site, I have only successfully ranked one post on google with the keyword’ Nha Trang Russian’.

There will definitely be lots of struggles in each of the phase above but for now, I would focus on finding a potential niche. The setting up phase will be pretty easy once I figure out the niche, which happens to be the make or break factor. I will talk more about why it is important and why I gave up on my previous site in my next post when I start sourcing for ideas.

My plan to get things done

As time is not on my side with my busy schedule, the plan is to get things all sort out while I am still free this week. Once everything is all set up, my focus will be on content generation. Which will be my main focus every weekend if time permits.

With things being uncertain, I am not planning to outsource certain part of my jobs to a virtual assistant yet. The plan is to work on it myself and only outsource to a virtual assistant if I see a potential in scaling and if the niche site is working according to plan.

What’s next

I decided to document this openly to keep me accountable and also to help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. And if things turn out as planned, this would be one of my potential passive income. And if not, then we learn something from it. Either way, we both learn something from it.

Obviously, I am not an expert in this, and throughout the journey, I would be more than happy to receive feedback and insights from all of you. And if you want to join me in starting a niche site, please feel free to join me and let me know if you do so we can learn from each other.

Over the next few days, I will be brainstorming for keyword and figuring out a niche which I want to work on. I will go through the process of how I do so.

What to expect next:

  • Find a potential niche idea
  • Perform keyword research
  • Build the site and set everything up

I will try to update my progress as much as I can. If you want to follow my progress and journey, follow me on Facebook, Instagram or subscribe to my list to get exclusive updates.

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