9 Overlook Travel Essential Backpackers Need

If this is your very first trip abroad, packing can definitely be overwhelming. We tend to over pack and missed out important travel essential. I am not referring to things like shorts, shirts, jeans and etc. as those are items you will definitely remember. But really items that are essential but usually overlook. The next time you travel, check out this travel essential for a smooth trip.

These are items most travelers have with them, something that I did not fully have when I was traveling. I have compile a lists of travel essentials that you probably want to consider getting for your next adventure.

Travel Backpack

This is a pretty obvious travel essential which you will already have with you but I decided to put this in the merely because of the importance of choosing a perfect backpack. Some of the important features we often overlook in a travel backpack is the quality, weight and size of the bag.

If you are planning to travel for a long period of time, you might want to invest in a good and durable backpack or you might need to bring a sewing kit along your trip. Mine was pretty durable but halfway through my trip, I tore the the top part of my backpack and ended up sewing my backpack throughout my trip.

Size and weight will be as important depending on your travel style. If you plan to check in when you fly during your travel, then a bigger size bag will be fine. Otherwise, a lighter and small bag will be the alternative option if you plan to carry on as there is a weight limit to the cabin luggage. Most cabin luggae allowed is 7kg and there is a measurement stated in most of the airline website. Here is the one from air asia’s website.



Apart from your travel backpack, another travel essential would be your daypack. The difference between a daypack and a travel backpack would be the usage of it. A daypack is a smaller bag that you would bring around while you travel daily. There is no specific bag that would be considered the best as it is really personal.

Ideally, it would be depending on the amount of things you are bringing. If you have a camera with you, a bigger daypack would be perfect. However, if you are only bringing items like your bottle, journal and etc, a light string bag would sound about right.

Here are some of the things that should be in your consideration:

  • Waterproof Bag
  • Light string Bag
  • Bag with lock and slightly more durable


Depending on your travel style, padlock may or may not be a travel essential. This will be more relevant to backpackers who usually opt to live in the guesthouse or dormitory where a padlock is needed to secure their personal belongings, usually kept in the locker. A lock would also be useful to secure your bag where unlike huge luggage with a fixed combination lock.

A combination padlock will always be way better than a key padlock. The last thing you want to deal with during your travels is your missing key or even where to keep your keys. Another feature would be Transportation Securities Administration (TSA) approved lock. TSA lock allows the immigration authority to open your bag with a universal master key without actually forced open your normal padlock.

Eye mask

An eye mask would come in handy when there is a long stop over at the airport, long flight and if you decide to stay in a backpacker’s hostel. If you are planning to stay in a dormitory and this is your very first trip, you should know that you probably need an eye mask if you want to sleep in peace.

Eye mask plays a role as a portable sleeping tool. So the next time you are stuck somewhere for a long period of time, just put on your eye mask and sleep it through.



Raincoat is another travel essential that you pack in advance. An umbrella would be a great too but nothing beat the convenience of a raincoat during travels. However, if you are traveling to a 3rd world country, you can always opt to buy it there as it will be way cheaper or just get a disposable raincoat.

Microfiber Towel

If you a light traveler, one of the struggle you will face would be squeezing everything into your bag. One travel essential that you SHOULD definitely have when it comes to travelling is the Microfiber towel. I did not get one when I was traveling and it really adds up to the weight and space of my backpack. They are not only light, the towel dries up pretty quickly which is very useful for backpacker or travelers who are always on the go.

Here are some of the features of a microfiber towel:

  • It dries up 10 times faster than a normal towel
  • The towel is ultra-absorbent
  • It is light and compact making it an easy item to carry around.

First Aid Kit

Travel Insurance is definitely a must for travelers who are travelling for a long period of time. They got you covered and give you a peace of mind when you are out there knowing that your medical are covered. So why is first aid kit a travel essential? You may have travel insurance but first aid kit is a quick tool for minor injury. Say you cut yourself, or when you bleed. You may not always get medical treatment instantly. Thus, first aid kit will be your next best friend usually when you are hiking up a trail or when you are doing outdoor activities.

I don’t mean the huge bag of medical supplies but just a quick one like this will be great. You can easily get this at a local pharmacy or get it from Amazon.

Travel Journal

You only live once and chances are, you will only travel to the same place once. So why not keep a travel journal with you whenever you go and document it. As time goes by, you will probably forget what happen. A journal helps you remember all the tiny details during your trip. Most travelers keep a journal with them as it will always make you smile when you read it back.

There is no limit on what you document. It can be anything from bad experiences like the time you get scammed or good experiences of certain place you go. Imagine having a book where you document all the memories you experience in every countries you travel too. That would be priceless. Photo captures moments while journal allow you to relive the memories.

Here is one from Amazon. I did not personally purchase this before but it sure looks cool.

Money Waist Pouch

A money pouch will be a good place to store your important belongings such as your credit card, money, passport and etc. Anything could happen when you are travelling abroad and a money pouch can help protect your important belongings. A good money pouch would be a pouch which is not too big nor too small. Big enough to store all important stuff but small enough to be clip on your waist under your clothing.



Have a quick look out for the lists here the next time you are planning for a getaway.

*Disclaimer: I am not recommending any product, just merely a guide to what each travel essential is and where you can get it. The products shown are affiliate links, so should you choose to buy, I will be receive a small credit for it.

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