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To those that have been following me on this blog, you would have noticed that I have been missing in action for a bit till last week when I shared a review of my year and goals for 2018. I blame my busy schedule for that. More like blaming my own lack of discipline.

On January 2017 when I first started this blog, the goal of this site is to really document my journey in creating something amazing and purposeful out of my life. But it sort of turned into a travel blog which is also something I plan to blog here as well. The whole idea of Interestingly Awesome is to serve as a errrr.. as a journal? Not just merely on travels.

Been a year since I started and it led to a reflection on where this is going.

Prior to this, I have been too focused on creating content on travels related post mainly because I was travelling. 

It is definitely easier to write content when it is still fresh, especially during my travels. But once my travels ended, my post generally follows in which you see me missing in action. That is not where I want the blog to head to.

Here’s some of the top travel blog post shared during the year:

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Hiking Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater, Indonesia

This blog serves as a journal in which I document on literally everything and of course value adding stuff. I will still share on my travels as I want this blog to be something which captures my memories and experiences. Of course to serve as a guide to the readers.

So where what will Interestingly Awesome be going forward?

There won’t be any change but expect to see more posts on progress and updates instead of merely on travels which was the initial motive of this blog. The struggle would be to stay disciplined in the midst of my busy schedule.

Every one of us has their own goals. Similar here, I have my own goal which I set and look back to see how far I have come every now and then. To summarize or break things up, I will be sharing more on my progress on just about anything. From skills I wanna learn, fitness, a side gig I work on and etc. It could be anything….

So do stay tuned!!!

I started this blog 11 months ago. Thank you to those that are following and have been reading. Really appreciate your support.

Do follow me on Facebook and Instagram for further updates. I will try to be updated more often.

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